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Party Crashers Photography, Inc. is a locally owned portrait, high school senior and wedding photography studio in historic Carver Minnesota serving all of Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities area. The owner, Tom Twining, makes creating memorable portraits an enjoyable experience.

If you have been to other photography web sites, you know that photographers always say how creative they are; how much they love the craft - stuff like that. We feel that way too. If we didn't, we would be doing something else. We think it is important to get to know the people that you will be working with - so here goes.

Tom Twining

Tom Twining’s Bio

Tom is the photographer. He is big, bald and knows the words to most of the Disney songs. But PLEASE - don't ask him to sing. When he is not being a photographer, he is racing sailboats at the Wayzata Yacht Club.

The Early Years

Tom is a product of the 60’s and 70’s. He grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan with his family of seven. As a child, Tom would spend time with his grandfather Milo helping him in his black and white darkroom developing pictures. As Tom grew, he always had his trusty Kodak Instamatic 314 by his side. But, soon a boys’ thoughts turn to football and girls (not necessarily in that order) and Tom left his old trusty camera behind.

The High School Years

During Tom’s Junior year at Ann Arbor Huron High, he needed a science credit to graduate. Tom not being a particularly good student (remember the football and girls statement from above), discovered that Photography 101 could be used as a science credit. His plans were coming together; graduate from high school and not learn anything! Tom found out that he had a natural eye for photography and enjoyed the class. Maybe because this was the only class he had taken during his high school years that he was awake for. He started taking all the photography classes that the school offered which resulted in Tom graduating with a major in art. (Because of this, he still had to take another science class to fulfill that missing science credit.)

Going West

Tom heard a voice in his head saying “go west young man”. He found out later that he had fallen asleep in front of the TV during the 1936 black and white movie “Go West Young Man” staring Mae West. Never the less, Tom moved to Pasadena California and graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography. Tom has many stories from Art Center, however, he is under a gag order from the District Court of Los Angeles and he may not return to California until 2020 or California secedes from the Union, whichever comes first.

Movin’ Back to the Midwest

Being a Midwestern boy, Tom moved to Minneapolis to ply his trade as a commercial photographer. For years Tom worked for some of the Twin Cities finest ad agencies and design firms. Each time Tom tried to take a vacation, his pager (yes boys and girls he said pager) would go off and his rep would have an emergency shoot that had to get done – NOW. Yes, we know it has been sitting on someone’s desk for twelve weeks, but now we need it! Long story short, after years of commercial photography, Tom opened Party Crashers Photography in a loft studio in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis. You see, Tom figured that people don't have emergency portrait sessions. Later, as the business grew, they moved to Hopkins, then finally to the current studio location in Historic Chaska Minnesota.

Savannah the Wonder Dog

Savannah the Wonder Dog

Meet our newest employee, Savannah. Savannah is Party Crashers Photographys’ official spokes dog. Always ready to greet you at the door and if you have a free hand, you are always welcome to rub her tummy.

If you are a longtime fan of Party Crashers Photography, you will remember Thule the Wonder dog. Thule lived a long and full life. In December of 2011, two days before Christmas, after struggling with cancer, Thule quietly passed away and is now playing in heaven with Bridgette. Savannah has agreed to take on the responsibilities that Thule had and will do her best to fill Thule's paw prints in the studio.

Savannah is a seven year old German Shepard. She is a bit shy but has lots of love to share. When she is not working the front office area at Party Crashers Photography, she can be found traveling around town with Tom or bouncing through the grass at home. She is always waiting to go on an adventure. Remember, she is a “Wonder Dog”, ready to fight crime and right any wrong. You know; all that super hero stuff.

Bridgette Elizabeth Twining

Bridgette was 18 years old, a beautiful person, rider and eventer with her whole life ready to blossom in front of her. The loves of her life were Corner Pocket (a black Arabian) and Mayya (a chestnut Thoroughbred) she also enjoyed the outdoors, camping, running, and spending time with family and friends.

As she prepared to leave for her freshmen year at The University of Wisconsin Stout to study or Environmental Science and Pre-Veterinarian degrees, she had moved Mayya to Karen Lee's place just near Menomonie. Karen is a top level dressage rider and instructor. Bridgette was excited for what her new adventure in her life would bring. The night before she was to leave for collage, her life was cut tragically short when she died in a car accident on her way to take her boyfriend home.

Bridgette's love for life, friends, family and her ponies inspires those of us she has left behind. Although her life was short, she lived life with more energy than anyone I ever knew. She touched more lives and lived more experiences than most people my age. We will miss her more than anyone can imagine. For those of you that have had the joy of knowing her, you are very lucky.

With love,

Bridgette's dad Tom

In honor of Bridgette, we have formed the Bridgette Twining Memorial Foundation. More information can be found here.

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